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Adadiya Pak, a winter delight from Gujarat’s Kathiyawad region, offers rich flavors and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Made with Pure Desi Ghee-roasted urad dal flour, jaggery, and various nuts, this sweet from Satadhar Sweets in Gujarat ensures a delightful culinary treat.

Adadiya Pak, a traditional ancient winter treat from Gujarat Kathiyawad, is characterized by its rich flavor and the delightful melt-in-the-mouth texture of Pure Desi Ghee-roasted Urad Dal Flour, jaggery, and an array of nuts.

Whether shared during special occasions, winter festivities, dietary considerations, or simply savored as a dessert, Adadiya Pak brings warmth and joy.


– No Artificial flavor

– Natural Ingredients

– Premium Quality

Adadiya Pak, a timeless winter sweet from Gujarat Kathiyawad, is renowned for its rich flavor and the melt-in-the-mouth texture achieved through the careful combination of Pure Desi Ghee-roasted Urad Dal Flour, jaggery, and a medley of nuts.

Share this perfect winter treat with friends and family during festive occasions, and relish it as a comforting dessert.

Experience the classic premium Adadiya Pak, freshly made for every order, with 100% natural ingredients including Urad Dal Flour, Jaggery, Almonds, Pistachios, Cardamom Powder, Nutmeg, and Pure Desi Ghee. Satadhar Sweets in Gujarat invites you to revel in the delightful flavors of this traditional winter sweet.

Adadiya Pak Gujarati Sweet Specific Storage info :-

Adadiya Pak: A Winter Treat to Savor. Upon receiving your sweet box, store it in a cool, dry place, maintaining an ideal temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius. Avoid exposure to moisture or direct sunlight, and refrain from refrigeration. Proper storage ensures the preservation of the freshness and flavor of Adadiya Pak, which can last up to 15-17 days from the date of manufacturing.

Adadiya Pak is a quintessential Gujarati winter sweet crafted from Urad Dal Flour, jaggery, and Pure Desi Ghee. Its rich flavor and unique texture make it an ideal treat for the colder months. Stored appropriately.. For optimal enjoyment, serve it at room temperature, or for a chilled experience, remove it from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving.

Gir Cow Ghee Adadiya Pak Gujarati Sweet Ingredients :-
  • Urad Dal Flour
  • Pure Desi Ghee
  • Sugar
  • Gondh
  • Sunth (Ginger Powder)
  • Almonds
  • Cashewnuts
  • Winter dried spices
Adadiya Pak Gujarati Sweet Shelf Life :-

15 – 17 days from the date of manufacturing.

Adadiya Pak, a traditional Gujarati sweet, offers numerous benefits:-
  • Rich Flavor: Adadiya Pak delights the taste buds with its unique and rich flavor, creating a memorable culinary experience.
  • Nutritional Goodness: Packed with high-quality ingredients, it provides essential nutrients, making it a delightful and nutritious treat.
  • Gir Cow Ghee: The use of Gir Cow Ghee adds a distinct richness to Adadiya Pak, contributing to its authentic taste and potential health benefits.
  • Cultural Significance: This sweet holds cultural importance, often associated with festivals and special occasions, enhancing the joy of celebrations.
  • Free Shipping Nationwide: Enjoy the convenience of ordering Adadiya Pak online with the added benefit of free shipping all over India.
  • Indulge in the goodness of Adadiya Pak and savor its unique blend of taste, tradition, and health benefits.



500 gm, 1 kg


  1. Varni

    Adadiya Pak from Satadhar Sweets is a winter delicacy that truly captivates the senses! This traditional Gujarati sweet is a masterpiece of warmth and flavor, crafted with meticulous care using the finest ingredients like Sumul Ghee-roasted an assortment of nuts. The rich, comforting taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture make every bite a celebration of winter indulgence. An absolute 5-star delight that showcases the essence of authenticity and superior quality. Highly recommended for those seeking a unique and soul-soothing winter treat.

  2. ayush

    Very Good products

  3. Kumpal

    Good Product with Using of Premium Quality Ingredients

  4. Nick

    “Adadiya Pak is a masterpiece! The richness and authenticity shine through in every bite. An unparalleled winter delight—five stars!”

  5. Mansi

    Adadiya Pak is pure delight! The flavors are harmonious, and it’s the perfect winter treat

  6. Vaidehi

    Unforgettable! Adadiya Pak’s taste lingers, creating a winter memory to cherish. Good quality

  7. abhu

    Incredible! Adadiya Pak is a winter sensation. The blend of ingredients is perfection and sweetness of this adadiya is Unforgettable

  8. Manav Vekariya

    Adadiya Pak is a seasonal masterpiece! The texture, flavor, and aroma are simply amazing

  9. Sameer

    Adadiya Pak is a culinary triumph! The perfect winter treat that deserves every bit

  10. Aashish

    Purity of Natural Test Adadiya

  11. Ruturaj

    Premium Quality at this lowest price

  12. Rohan

    Good Quality

  13. Mahek

    Good Test of this Adadiya

  14. Manoj

    Best product in winter season Satadhar Sweets Adadiya Pak is very testy and healthy

  15. Nandip

    Good Test thank you satadhar sweet for this mind blowing test.

  16. yash


  17. pratik

    Most Premium Test of Adadiya Pak Good one

  18. Hiten

    Natural Gujarati Kathiawari Test

  19. sagar

    Good Product with Original and Premium Quality

  20. Rajni

    Natural Test of this Adadiya Pak

  21. Jitendra D.

    Bahut hi maja aya sabko or adadiya ka test ekdum hi natural hai me aur order karuga ye sweets thank you

  22. Raj

    Always Good Quality Thank you Satadhar Sweet

  23. Namita

    Best Quality and Test I ordered Repeat 👍

  24. Jay

    Good And Authentic Test of this Adadiya Pak sweet, Most powerful sweets in winter season.

  25. Ramesh

    Good Quality Adadiya Pak

  26. Gopalbhai Nakarani

    khub j sars quality na adadiya pak chhe, ghee ane Dryfruit thi bharpur Good

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