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A Traditional Indian sweet with low sugar and made with only Cashew, Sugar and Pistachio(Garnishing) without Silver foil. A perfect Sweet to share with friends and family during special occasions, fasting, & simply relish as a dessert. Enjoy this classic Premium Kaju Katli Barfi.

– No Artificial flavour
– Without Warakh (Silver Foil)
– Natural Infredients

A perfect Sweet to share with friends and family during special occasions, fasting, & simply relish as a dessert.

Enjoy this classic premium Kaju Katli Barfi that is made fresh for every order with 100% natural ingredients Cashew nuts, Sugar & Pistachio (garnishing).

Specific Storage info :-

Once you received the Sweet box please keep in a cool and dry place. Ideal temperature is at room temperature 25 to 28 degree Celsius. Avoid exposure to moisture and direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Keep it in an airtight container

Premium Kaju Katli Barfi Ingredients :-

– Cashew
– Less Sugar
– Pistachio (Garnishing)

Shelf Life :-

20 – 22 days from the date of manufacturing.


500 gm, 1 kg


  1. ayush

    I recently had the pleasure of indulging in the Kaju Katli from Satadhar Sweet, and I must say, it exceeded all expectations! This sweet treat is nothing short of perfection.

  2. Piyush

    “Exquisite Kaju Katli! The perfect balance of creamy cashew goodness and just the right touch of sweetness – a true delight!”

  3. Kumpal

    “Indulging in Satadhar Sweet Kaju Katli was a heavenly experience; the melt-in-your-mouth texture and authentic flavor make it an absolute favorite!”

  4. Yash

    “Kaju Katli perfection! Satadhar Sweets has mastered the art of crafting this sweet, delivering unparalleled taste and quality.”

  5. Akash Patel

    A symphony of flavors in each piece of Kaju Katli from Satadhar sweet—a gourmet journey that’s impossible to resist!

  6. Rakesh

    Kaju Katli excellence defined! From the smooth texture to the premium cashew taste, Satadhar Sweet sets the standard high.

  7. Ronny Shah

    Captivating the senses with the irresistible aroma and heavenly taste, Satadhar Sweet’s Kaju Katli is a must-try sweet sensation!

  8. Aarna

    A true connoisseur’s choice – Kaju Katli is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and delicious authenticity

  9. Aditi Shukla

    Perfected to perfection! Satadhar sweet Kaju Katli is a culinary masterpiece, delivering joy with every bite.

  10. Ishani

    Craving-satisfying, mood-lifting – Satadhar sweet’s Kaju Katli is a blissful journey into the heart of traditional Indian sweetness

  11. Vanshika

    Exemplary flavor! Kajukatli is a top-tier beverage that deserves its 5-star rating. The infusion of premium cashew nuts creates a taste that’s unparalleled and utterly delightful.

  12. Hiren

    Best product ever, good product quality and good packing

  13. Rahul

    Premium Quality Kajukatli

  14. Sudeep

    You have never seen such a taste anywhere – Good Kajukatli with Sugar less. Thank you Satadhar Sweet for this wonderful Kajukatli

  15. Mayuri

    All Favorite Satadhar Sweet Kajukatli.

  16. prakash

    Satadhar Sweet’s Kajukatli is a taste sensation! The richness of cashews is perfectly balanced, creating a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

  17. Sanjeev

    Absolutely delightful! Kaju Katli from Satadhar Sweet is a true masterpiece. The rich and smooth texture, combined with the perfect balance of sweetness, makes it an irresistible treat. Each bite is a heavenly experience, and the premium quality of ingredients shines through. The packaging is also top-notch, ensuring the freshness of this traditional Indian sweet. I highly recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth – a truly awesome indulgence!

  18. Rahul

    Good Test of this kajukatli with good softness

  19. Rajal

    Kajukatli: Satadhar Sweets signature delight. Smooth, nutty, and perfectly sweet, a classic treat for any occasion.

  20. Saabir

    Irresistible kajukatli: satadhar sweet expertise shines. Creamy cashew goodness, a timeless favorite among sweet lovers.

  21. sahil acharya

    Savor kajukatli satadhar sweets craftsmanship evident. Rich flavor, melt-in-your-mouth texture, a delightful indulgence

  22. Guru Bhagar

    Tradition meets perfection. Finest cashews, expertly blended, a taste of pure bliss

  23. Ramesh Choksi

    Exquisite flavor, premium quality, a sweet sensation to cherish.

  24. paresh lakhani

    Bahut hi achhi hai kajukatli very soft and smooth or delicious test of this kajukatli i can make more order of this kajukatli 👏

  25. Kailash Patel

    Good kajukatli test thank you sir for give this best kajukatli

  26. Sunny Patel

    Perfect balance of taste and sweetness Very tasteful and softness this kajukatli. Osm👌👌👌

  27. Kartik

    Very Testy with Sugar level

  28. Ramesh

    What a taste, just can’t describe it! ❤️

  29. gopal bhanderi

    As usual satadhar stamp of quality and taste

  30. Navneet

    I generally order their mixtures, but trust me their kaju katli is actually the best I have tasted so far….

  31. TJ

    Was delivered after 3 days still the taste was good

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